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covid-19 information

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*Helpful Information & Links


For the latest COVID-19 health information, statistics and guidance, visit the Washington State Department of Health website or the Washington State Coronavirus Response website




The Employment Security Department expanded benefits for workers impacted by COVID-19. ​See who qualifies for specific benefits.

For additional information on:

  • Benefits for employees directed to isolate or quarantine

  • Temporary layoffs related to COVID-19

  • Job loss related to COVID-19

Get employment information from Employment Security Department

For quarantined heath care workers and first responders:

​Get industrial insurance through L&I


*Local Information


Local Health Department Information

Mayor Finn Signs State of Civil Emergency Proclamation

Comcast announces comprehensive COVID-19 response to help keep Americans connected to the internet.

Please don't flush anything other than toilet paper!

Cowlitz DEM Press Releases

Cowliz COVID-19 Incident Managment Page



*Health information


Call  your healthcare provider, or call before going to the emergency room.

Guidance is available below for people who have or think they may have COVID-19:


You can also use the online Coronavirus Assessment Tool developed by Providence and Microsoft.


*Governor Inslee COVID-19 Announcements

For all other state resources related to COVID-19, visit the Governor's Coronavirus Page