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Your Woodland City Council

Woodland’s seven member city council sets policies and implements legislation through regularly scheduled council meetings and by serving on council committees. These policies and legislation, also known as resolutions and ordinances, ensure the city functions efficiently and effectively. Click each councilmember's name for their contact information and background.

Janice Graham Photo
Janice Graham
Position #1

Carol Rounds photo
Carol Rounds
Position #2

Dave Plaza photo
Dave Plaza
Position #3

Karl Chapman photo
Karl Chapman

Position #4

DeeAnna Holland photo
DeeAnna Holland
Position #5

Benjamin Fredricks photo
Benjamin Fredricks
Position #6

smith council photoMonte Smith
Position #7


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The City Council meets at 7:00 pm on the first and third Mondays of each month at the City Hall Council Chambers located in the Police Station at 200 East Scott Avenue, Woodland, WA. The public is encouraged to attend. Citizens are allowed to give input on issues they deem important at the regular meetings by signing in before the meeting starts. Agendas can be downloaded online by visiting the CivicWeb Council Portal.

Council photo

pictured: Dave Plaza, Benjamin Fredricks, DeeAnna Holland, Will Finn,
Karl Chapman, Carol Rounds, Monte Smith (missing: Janice Graham)

Please contact the Clerk-Treasurer’s office at 360-225-8281 for additional information.