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Planning & Building

Scott Hill Park Proposal

The documents submitted by the Rotary Club for the Scott Hill Park Project are available at the links below. Also included are the City issued Notice(s) of Application, and SEPA documentation. Notification mailing lists are available upon request.

Mail your comments to PO Box 9, Woodland, WA 98674, bring them to City Hall at 230 Davidson Avenue in Woodland or comment online at our Citizen Comment Portal.


The following codes will apply to this project. All codes can be found in our Municode Library

Title 17, Zoning (specifically Chapter 17.24, Public/Quasi-Public/Institutional)
Title 15, Critical Areas (including stormwater)
Title 12, Streets and Sidewalks
Title 13, Water and Sewage
Title 14, Buildings & Construction
Title 19, Development Administration (this code outlines how projects are reviewed and who is responsible for the decision)