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Comprehensive Plan

2018 Comprehensive Plan Map Update

In an effort to better implement the City’s adopted Comprehensive Plan, City staff is seeking input on changes to the comprehensive plan map.

How and where should the City grow?

Eight applicants have requested changes to the comprehensive plan map, so the City is considering six growth scenarios for how it should handle development pressure.

The six Growth Scenarios are:

    1. No Growth. This scenario involves no changes to the growth area boundary and no changes within the current City limits.

    2. Internal Growth. All growth will be accommodated through comp plan designation changes for land already within the City limits. (Modified No-Expansion)

    3. Partial Applicant Accommodation. Given the number of applications and the amount of area that is proposed for Urban Growth Area expansion, the City could choose to include some of that land within its Urban Growth Boundary.

    4. Full Applicant Accommodation. Plans for the inclusion scenario where all applications are included in the urban growth boundary. (But nothing more.)

    5. City Proposed Boundary Expansion. The City, using its best professional judgment, will look at growth area expansion using logical and practical approaches to eliminate boundary peculiarities. (Assuming full applicant accommodation…but filling in the holes or other obvious inclusions.)

    6. Woodland Bottoms Planning. Recognizing that all activity within the bottomlands generates impacts (like traffic) in the City of Woodland, the City will look at the practical implication of growth within the bottomlands, including planning for growth impacts that occur in Cowlitz County.

      See Documents 5 and 7 below


Public Input

The City of Woodland is holding a series of open houses to discuss the possible expansion of the City’s Urban Growth Boundary as part of an update to the City of Woodland Comprehensive Plan. (Permit numbers CPA-18-009, CPA-18-010 and SEP-18-005)

There will be five open houses:

November 2nd, 1:00 to 6:30 pm
November 15th, 1:00 to 6:30 pm (prior to the Planning Commission meeting)
November 19th, 1:00 to 6:00 pm (prior to the City Council meeting)
December 3rd, 1:00 to 6:00 pm (prior to the City Council meeting)
December 4th, 4:00 to 9:00 pm

All five will be held at the City Council Chambers located at 200 E. Scott Avenue, Woodland WA. 

All members of the community are encouraged to come to an open house to review the growth scenarios and to provide input to the decision makers. 

Public Hearing for the Growth Scenarios

After the open houses, the Planning Commission will hold a Public Hearing to discuss and recommend a growth scenario at its regularly scheduled December 20th, 2018 meeting (7:00 pm). That recommendation will then be forwarded to the City Council for review and possible adoption at a public meeting sometime in early 2019.

Applicant Requests

After making a recommendation on the growth scenario, the Planning Commission will proceed with the review of the seven (7) remaining comp plan map amendment cases.  The hearings are tentatively scheduled for January 10th, 2019 (7:00 pm) for the four (4) requests inside the current City limits and on January 17th, 2019 (7:00 pm) for the four (4) applications requesting expansion of the City’s Urban Growth Area.

Public Input

Comments regarding items on the agenda or being discussed at the open houses may be hand delivered to 230 Davidson Avenue, faxed, e-mailed, or mailed (if received by the deadline) to P.O. Box 9, Woodland WA 98674, up until 5:00 pm on the date of the December 20th hearing.  Other written or oral testimony may be presented and considered at the commission meeting up until the closing of the public record portion of the hearing.

Questions regarding the application should be directed to Travis Goddard, Community Development Director, at (360) 225-7299 or at

(Additional notice will be supplied for each public hearing that is scheduled.  Additional comment can be submitted according to the standards laid out in those legal notices.)

Comp Plan Map Update Documents

Document 1:   Public Participation Plan (Chapter 2 of the 2016 Comprehensive Plan)
Document 2:   Notice to the newspaper or record for the Public Participation Plan
Document 3:   Planning Commission Agenda (September 20, 2018)
Document 4:   Amendment & Review Procedures code (WMC 17.84)
Document 5:   Woodland Growth Scenario Descriptions
Document 6:   Cowlitz County/City of Woodland agreement (2002)
Document 7:   Woodland Growth Scenario Maps
Document 8:   Notice to the newspaper or record for the Planning Commission work session
Document 9:   Planning Commission Agenda (October 18, 2018)
Document 10: Growth Scenario growth calculations
Document 11: Growth Scenario charts
Document 12: Notice to the newspaper or record for the Open House Schedule
Document 13: Notice of Application and Open House Schedule

Document 14 PC PH Notice to Paper

Document 15 NOA Scenario Hearing

Document 16a NOA CPA Cases Hearings in January

Document 17 PC PH notice to paper 011019

Document 18 Full NOA 2016 Comp Plan Update

Document 19 SEPA NOA-DNS Comp Plan Map Update

Document 21: Public Contact Information

Document 22 Map of Possible Changes

Document 23: Revised Notice for PC Hearing 011719

Document 24: Notice to the newspaper of record for the 011719 PC Hearing

Document 25: Staff Report to the PC for 12/20/19 hearing

Document 26: Staff presentation for the 12/20/19 hearing

Document 27: Supplemental Staff report for Planning Commission Questions

Document 28: Public Comments – Can be viewed in the file located in the Community Development Department at City Hall, 230 Davidson Avenue, weekdays between the hours of 9:00 am and 5:00 pm

Document 29 PC Presentation 1 - January 17, 2019

Document 30: PC Presentation 2 - January 17, 2019

Document 31: 1810 January 17 Agenda Memo

Document 32 Vacant Buildable2019 Report

Document 32a Vacant Buildable 2019 Report Feb 21 Presentation

Document 33 Notice to paper for April 18

Document 34 Notice for April 18 Hearing

Document 35 Staff Report for CPA 18-010

Document 36A Planning Commission Recommendation Maps

Document 37 Apr 22 Council Presentation for CAP 18-010

Comp Plan Amendment Requests

CPA-18-002 Saxony Pacific (Franklin Loop)

Staff report


CPA-18-003 Saxony Pacific (Dike Access)

Staff report


CPA-18-005 Aho Construction I, Inc.

CPA 18-005

CPA 18-001

Signed supplemental staff report for 032819


CPA-18-006 Walt Houser LLC

Staff report

CPA-18-007 Treavor Beatty

Staff report


CPA-18-008 Loomis-Empress Estates

Staff report


CPA-18-010 City of Woodland

CPA-18-011 B Young RV

Staff report


CPA-18-012 Woodland Commerce Center (February 21, 2019 hearing date)

Staff report



Comprehensive Plan - Final

Adopted 2016-2036 Comprehensive Plan


2016 Periodic Comprehensive Growth Management Plan Update

The Growth Management Act (GMA) was adopted in 1990, under RCW 36.70A, and requires counties and cities that meet certain population and growth criteria to adopt and maintain comprehensive plans. Under GMA, comprehensive plans must consist of these elements: land use, housing, capital facilities, utilities, rural lands (counties only), transportation, economic development, and parks and recreation. Due to the small amount of land located within Clark County, the City of Woodland is required to fully plan under the GMA.

These plans account for a minimum 20 years forward, and are to be updated every eight years, as needed. Woodland’s current Comprehensive Plan was adopted in 2005 and looks out to 2025. The new plan will consider 2015 through 2035. Clark County and the jurisdictions within, including the City of Woodland, are required to review and revise their comprehensive plans by June 30, 2016.

Public Participation Plan and Preliminary Schedule: The purpose of this plan is to ensure compliance with the Growth Management Act by identifying the scope of proposed activity and potential timeframes for participation and decision making. The GMA calls for early and continuous public participation.

Population Projection and Urban Growth Boundary Expansion: Selecting a population projection is an important step in the update process. This projection is used as the target for the periodic update and allows the City to plan for adequate jobs, housing, capital improvements (roads, utilities, etc.), and other services. As part of this projection, the City can decide to expand the Urban Growth Boundary (UGB). The UGB is the planning area including the lands to which Woodland may feasibly provide future urban services, including infrastructure (utilities, roads), employment, and housing. After deliberation by the Planning Commission, the City Council held their own workshops and decided not to expand Woodland’s Urban Growth Boundary this update cycle. Further, City Council selected a population projection of 9,274 which equates to a 2.3% increase over the next 20 years.

This webpage will be updated as more progress is made on the 2016 update and as more information becomes available. Meeting notices concerning the update, including any meetings or workshops with the Planning Commission or the City Council will be posted here.

Vision Survey Results

Vision Survey Results