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Comprehensive Plan

2016 Periodic Comprehensive Growth Management Plan Update

The Growth Management Act (GMA) was adopted in 1990, under RCW 36.70A, and requires counties and cities that meet certain population and growth criteria to adopt and maintain comprehensive plans. Under GMA, comprehensive plans must consist of these elements: land use, housing, capital facilities, utilities, rural lands (counties only), transportation, economic development, and parks and recreation. Due to the small amount of land located within Clark County, the City of Woodland is required to fully plan under the GMA.

These plans account for a minimum 20 years forward, and are to be updated every eight years, as needed. Woodland’s current Comprehensive Plan was adopted in 2005 and looks out to 2025. The new plan will consider 2015 through 2035. Clark County and the jurisdictions within, including the City of Woodland, are required to review and revise their comprehensive plans by June 30, 2016.

Public Participation Plan and Preliminary Schedule: The purpose of this plan is to ensure compliance with the Growth Management Act by identifying the scope of proposed activity and potential timeframes for participation and decision making. The GMA calls for early and continuous public participation.

Population Projection and Urban Growth Boundary Expansion: Selecting a population projection is an important step in the update process. This projection is used as the target for the periodic update and allows the City to plan for adequate jobs, housing, capital improvements (roads, utilities, etc.), and other services. As part of this projection, the City can decide to expand the Urban Growth Boundary (UGB). The UGB is the planning area including the lands to which Woodland may feasibly provide future urban services, including infrastructure (utilities, roads), employment, and housing. After deliberation by the Planning Commission, the City Council held their own workshops and decided not to expand Woodland’s Urban Growth Boundary this update cycle. Further, City Council selected a population projection of 9,274 which equates to a 2.3% increase over the next 20 years.

This webpage will be updated as more progress is made on the 2016 update and as more information becomes available. Meeting notices concerning the update, including any meetings or workshops with the Planning Commission or the City Council will be posted here.

Vision Survey Results

Vision Survey Results

Comprehensive Plan - Final

Adopted 2016-2036 Comprehensive Plan