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Washington State and numerous local governments around the state have recognized that there are challenges in the housing market. Those challenges differ from community to community but they generally include housing affordability, housing availability, a lack of variety in housing types, and regulatory hurdles that prevent creative housing development solutions.

To address this challenge, the State adopted a bill intended to increase urban residential building capacity (E2SHB 1923) and allotted funds to encourage cities like Woodland to develop Housing Action Plans. This effort is in response to that bill and the funding awarded to the City to plan for housing.

Housing Action Plan

The City is working on a housing analysis so it can better prepare for the community's housing needs in the future. To accomplish this, staff is working on a Housing Action Plan that will involve several steps including:

Housing Solutions

Recent planning conversations around the community have led staff to compile a list of code issues that the City could explore to create more opportunities for creative and affordable housing choices.

As part of this housing study, the City may consider changes in City code to allow the following housing options:

Housing Outcomes

Benefits of this grant-funded housing study may include:

Public Participation

We invite your input during this housing study. Please check back here for surveys, upcoming meetings, and other ways to join the conversation.

The expected calendar of events for this effort is as follows:

Note: Meetings will be conducted in person when possible, but due to Covid-19, meetings may be limited to remote attendance. Please review the agenda for attendance information.


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