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FAQs for tenant/owner billing change


FAQ for Tenant/Owner Billing Change

The bills mailed out in late April included a note that informed customers that in May, all utility accounts will start being billed to the owner of the property, and that we will be using the Cowlitz County or Clark County website when acquiring this information to make the change. Some frequently asked questions are below:


1) Will this change wipe out account balances to zero?

No, this change will not wipe out account balances to zero. All tenants bill totals will automatically transfer to the owner’s account.

2) I am a tenant and have a deposit on file. What will happen to my deposit?

All tenants that have any deposit on file will have the deposit put towards the account before it transfers to owner’s account.

3) Who will be the responsible party when it comes to the tenant or management group receiving a copy of the billing?

The owner is the responsible party.

4) What if my landlord doesn't pay the bill on time?

In the future, when late charges resume, accounts not paid before our due date will receive a late charge, even if the tenant pays the owner but the owner does not pay us on time. If this happens, our late charge reversal policy is still the same. This is also true for accounts that are ready to be disconnected.

5) Will the tenant be able to still make payments toward any amount owing?

Yes, however, they will need to know the account number they are paying and the billing address.

6) Why was this decision made and by who?

This decision was made by City Council to move into line with what the RCW's already enforce. Since our code is not supposed to be less strict than the RCW, City Council chose to make the owners the responsible party.

7) When exactly will this happen?

Our system is set up for the current account holders to receive the original April 2021 biling. Late notices will go to the account holder and owner. This change will officially happen about May 18, 2021, after late notices are mailed.