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Clerk's Office

The City Clerk's side of the Clerk-Treasurer's Office is the administrative hub for the City of Woodland. It provides various administrative and information services to City Council, committees, boards, all City departments and City citizens. Services include:

  • Accurate recording of proceedings conducted by City Council, committees and public hearings.
  • Recording and codifying all resolutions and ordinances approved by City Council.
  • Distribution of information to City Council, members of the public and various levels of government.
  • Providing records management services including storage and retrieval of records pursuant to the Public Records Act.
  • Personnel issues and maintains personnel and payroll records.
  • Acts as Risk Manager and handles all claims processing.
Woodland Municipal Code

A Codification of the General Ordinances of the City of Woodland, Washington is available online through the Municode website.  Resolutions and Ordinances not yet codified are also available on the website or our iCompass site as they are approved by the City Council.

The entire Woodland Municipal Code is now available to download in a searchable pdf format. This document is updated quarterly and may not include ordinances that have been recently adopted. Please refer to the online version for recently approved documents.

Woodland Municipal Code (very large document)

City Ordinances

Ordinances are formal written actions of the city council, are the laws of the city and are codified in the Woodland Municipal Code. Ordinances newer than 2013 can be accessed in the Document Center of our CivicWeb site.

City Resolutions

A Resolution is a statement or course of action adopted by the city council. Resolutions newer than 2011 can be accessed in the Document Center of our CivicWeb site.

Public Records Request

In accordance with RCW 42.56 and WMC 2.88.050, nonexempt public records shall be available for inspection and copying and the city, upon request for identifiable public records, shall make them promptly available to any person.  All requests for public records shall be in writing and, when reasonable, use the forms furnished by the clerk-treasurer.  Public records shall be available for inspection and copying during all regular office hours of the city staff.  The city shall honor requests received by mail for identifiable public records.  To the extent required to prevent an unreasonable invasion of personal privacy, the city shall delete identifying details when it makes available or publishes any public records; however, in each case, the justification for the deletion shall be explained fully in writing. Criminal history record information consisting of nonconviction data shall be deleted pursuant to RCW 10.97.060.

The fee schedule is as follows:


$.15 per page black/white
$.25 per pages larger than 8.5x11" as set by city clerk
$1.00 per side or page color - 8.5x11"
$1.10 per side or page color - 8.5x14"
$1.25 per side or page color - 11x17"

Transmitted by mail per telephone or written request - $5.00 minimum fee (up to 20 pages) Additional at the per page price listed above


Conversion to Electronic Formats - $30.00/15 minute increments
Scanning to Electronic Formats - $30.00/15 minute increments
Preparation of GIS Maps/Data - $35.00/15 minute increments
Maps that require extensive processing time or require additional ink and plotting supplies will be charged at a higher rate.
Plotted 18x24" - color $ 5.00 - black & white $2.50
Plotted 24x36" - color $10.00 - black & white $5.00
Plotted 36x48" - color $15.00 - black & white $7.50
Copies produced by an outside source - Actual Cost
Other sizes will be charged at actual cost or as determined by the Clerk-Treasurer Department

CD/DVD - $12.00 each
External Hard drive (may be provided by customer with signed waiver) - $30.00/15 minute increment

Washington State Sunshine Laws - An Open Government Resource Manual 2015

Damage Claims

Please contact the Clerk-Treasurer's office for information regarding claims for damages.


Notary services are available for a fee of $5.00 per document.  Please call the Clerk-Treasurer's Office at 225-8281 before you come in to insure that the Notary is in the office.

Please bring with you the following requirements:

  • Current ID (driver's license or passport)
  • Completed, unsigned documents to be notarized